Stealth(core)™ Executive Brief

Zero Trust Network Protection – Simplified

Stealth(core) Executive Brief

Control Risk and Manage Trust With Identity-Based Microsegmentation
In the digital age, traditional security can no longer protect a dynamic network environment against the growing threat of cyberattacks. Static security controls are difficult to manage, update and operate—increasing security and compliance costs, while limiting agility. Organizations need a new approach to security with a Zero Trust Network that trusts no user or device, on the inside or outside, only granting least-privilege access upon reliable identification.

Part of Unisys Stealth® security software suite, Stealth(core)™ provides foundational capabilities—identity-based microsegmentation, dynamic isolation, cryptographic cloaking and encryption of data in motion—that transform your existing network into a Zero Trust Network without added implementation and management complexity.

Build a Zero Trust Network
Stealth™ reduces risk by creating dynamic, identity-based microsegments called communities of interest (COI). Stealth™ treats all network traffic as untrusted, permitting communication only when COI membership is confirmed. By establishing secure COI, Stealth™ separates trusted systems, users and data from the untrusted. It further reduces risk by encrypting all communication between Stealth™-protected assets and cloaking them from unauthorized users. Stealth™ packet inspection enablement allows authorized personnel to inspect communications without compromising data in transit.

Enable Dynamic Isolation
Through interoperability with existing security information and event management (SIEM) systems and user-friendly application programming interface (API) integrations, Stealth™ enables immediate action in response to security incidents, stopping attacks in progress. Stealth™ dynamically isolates devices and users at the first sign of compromise. It also utilizes identity management systems, such as Active Directory, to manage memberships to COI for efficient identity-based controls and management.

Decrease Network Complexity and Costs
A software-only solution, Stealth™ is easy to use and deploy, requires no changes to your existing network or applications and allows you to reduce complexity, expense and operation of static security controls in your dynamic organization. A reduced attack surface limits the regulatory audit footprint for lower compliance costs.

Automate Security Deployment
An expanded suite of standardized tools, including APIs and robust scripting support, enables unattended automated installation. These automation enhancements eliminate the need for repetitive and manual operations, reducing installation time and improving management capabilities.

Adapt With Flexible Protection
Stealth(core) ™enables uniform security policies across a range of endpoints and workloads, including physical servers, virtual machines, operational technology (OT) and purpose-built devices. You can deploy Stealth™ incrementally and scale it efficiently using rich APIs and automation. The same protection extends to cloud and mobile environments using Stealth(cloud)™ and Stealth(mobile)™. Stealth™ is also capable of securing workloads behind network devices such as routers and load balancers.

Executive Brief
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