Financial Services
Delivering agile, secure and intuitive digital banking services
The Challenge
Maintain market leadership in the Middle East and grow in international markets.
Unisys® is a trusted partner that has helped us expand our business. They have enabled our vision of a customer-centric, secure, digital bank offering, available 24x7, delivered in the Cloud.
- Peter Hajszan, Head of Application Services, Bank ABC
The Solution
Unisys Elevate™, core banking application and a cloud-based solution running on Amazon Web Services (AWS); Stealth™ to protect all transactions; CloudForte® consulting and integration services; AB Suite® for application development.

Stealth™ Benefits

Established a platform

to successfully launch a new digital, mobile-only bank and attract a new generation of customers

Enhanced customer experience

with innovative banking products and services

Gained the ability to support local banking requirements

and the Arabic character-set

Protected confidential customer data

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