Unisys Always-On Access™: Powered by Stealth™

Unisys Always-On Access™ (AOA), Powered by Stealth™

Secure your remote workforce for optimal productivity and cyber resiliency

The increasing trend towards remote work and hybrid work requires government and businesses to rethink how they secure their remote users, including employees, contractors and supply chain partners. Business continuity and contingency planning demands that you provide always on, anytime, anywhere access to vital resources, data, and applications. Expanding remote access via traditional VPNs, however, increases risk and expands the attack surface. And hackers are taking advantage of this shift to infiltrate company networks and steal information.

Traditional virtual private networks (VPNs) have been an essential part of an organization’s security strategy for years. Perimeter-based VPNs are deployed to provide secure, remote access to corporate resources. The challenge is that once users are connected, they have access to the entire network, putting sensitive data at risk. VPNs fail to provide both the connectivity and the security that companies need to ensure business continuity. They are vulnerable to man-in the-middle attacks, lack the granular control that is crucial for securing access over untrusted networks, and allow hackers lateral movement once inside a private network. In short, VPN services are too lenient and fail to protect your business in a world where data and applications must be made available beyond your organization’s perimeters.

VPNs leave you at risk for a breach because they:

  • Do not provide granular control, especially on untrusted networks
  • Do not allow for scalability to tens of thousands often because VPN concentrators have significant limitations
  • Do not prevent hackers who pass a VPN gateway from engaging in lateral movement inside the private network
  • Do not encrypt data from the VPN gateway to internal assets, making data on the wire vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks

Put simply, VPNs do not deliver the Zero Trust security that is critical to provide connectivity and prevent cyberattacks in the new business model landscape being defined by the COVID-19 crisis. Rather, they represent a single point of failure within any organization. Even when VPNs are working at their fullest potential, they leave your network vulnerable.

In the midst of this upheaval, Unisys Always-On Access™ powered by Stealth™ is a proven, end-to-end security solution that has been securing remote workforces for years – even for users relying on untrusted devices and networks. And the best news of all is that through the Unisys Always-On Access™ capability, your organization can replace vulnerable VPNs with Zero Trust security now, at the exact moment you need secure access the most.

Secure your remote users with Unisys Always-On Access™ Powered by Stealth™

Unisys Always-On Access guarantees that employees, partners, and the entire supply chain only have access to the data and applications they need – not the entire network. It rigorously protects your organization against the onslaught of bad actors seeking to exploit the current crisis. Unisys Always-On Access robustly protects your organization by:

  • Providing scalable secure access to users regardless of user quantity  or location, even over untrusted networks
  • Granting users access only to what they need, not the entire network
  • Extending the operational reach and access of your workforce
  • Reducing your reliance on vulnerable remote work solutions such as VPNs
  • Enabling you to handle load, scale, and security at the level your organization needs
  • Encrypting data-in-motion to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Reducing the attack surface without impeding authorized access

With Unisys Always-On Access powered by Stealth, you gain both speed-to-market and speed-to-security since you retain your entire existing infrastructure and applications. There is no need for an expensive and time-consuming “rip and replace” effort – you can deploy Unisys Always-On Access quickly and cost effectively, securing your business while supporting contemporary remote work options.

Through Unisys Always-On Access, you can position your business for success – today and every day.

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