Unisys Stealth® Simplifies Compliance and Lowers Costs

Unisys Stealth® Simplifies Compliance and Lowers Costs

Regulatory compliance is a constant challenge for your organization, even in more tranquil times. In a postpandemic world – where you have had to reinvent how you operate virtually overnight – meeting or exceeding the cybersecurity and data privacy controls mandated for specific types of data or to do business in regulated industries may seem impossible.

Unfortunately, the business and regulatory disruption caused by COVID-19 probably won’t abate anytime soon. Far more likely, you are witnessing the beginning of a new era in which compliance challenges are ever-changing and increasingly complex. This is the new normal for organizations and entire industries – healthcare, financial services, education, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, and more. To successfully navigate this new compliance landscape, you must be able to recognize and rapidly respond to new risks.

Unisys Stealth Zero Trust Compliance Solution

Unisys Stealth is software-defined security. It simplifies yet improves network security and serves as the backbone of your whole-network Zero Trust strategy. Stealth™ provides a fast, simple way to wrap a protective shell around all your systems, no matter where they are. It can respond to any breach in 10 seconds or less via dynamic isolation.

Stealth makes improving data privacy easy, right out of the box and with almost zero impact on operations. Stealth blankets every corner of your organization’s computing environment with one holistic, consistent, and unwavering security policy—from mobile phones and desktops, to servers, to cloud, and even IoT. In fact, Stealth orchestration and deployment are highly automated and centrally managed.

As your security policies evolve, changes can be made and instantly propagated across the enterprise. Meanwhile, Stealth monitors and enforces all your Zero Trust policies, automatically isolating violators and alerting administrators. With Stealth Zero Trust, compliance is seamlessly woven into the fabric of your entire network. It’s the engine that drives your speed to security.

Stealth delivers Zero Trust through micro-segmentation, compartmentalization, and the creation of communities of interest (CoIs). These secure enclaves rely on hyper-secure IPsec tunnels between CoI end points that encrypt data from end-to-end. Outsiders cannot gain access into the CoI, and data cannot be exfiltrated out.

Because data is isolated in highly secure, cloistered enclaves, with access limited to only the users and applications that must have it, Stealth gives auditors the ability to narrowly focus on just the users, applications, and devices that have access to sensitive data. This reduces the number of people and endpoints interacting with the data, shrinking both the attack surface and the number of places auditors have to check for compliance. This makes your audits less complex, cutting down on the time it takes to certify compliance and lowering costs. In addition, Stealth activity logs give auditors a clear path to follow while confirming network protection guidelines in certain frameworks.

A valuable compliance tool is Stealth Reporting Service, which provides enterprise-class features for robust reporting and logging to increase operational effectiveness. You can obtain pre-defined standard reports such as Tunnels Blocked Report, Authorization Report, License Usage Report, and Isolated Users/Devices Report. In addition, the tool’s custom reporting capability allows report generation with custom type and number of fields for focused data analysis and selective data reporting. You can pre-create and save custom report templates for quick data access. Its Log Viewer offers flexible data search and analysis support, and it also supports report templates that provide quick data access.

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