Grow confidently with a Zero Trust network.

Minutes to Install and Configure the Management Plane

Minutes to Secure a 3-Tier App

Seconds to Deploy on Thousands of Endpoints

Protect Your Future with Stealth™

Have confidence that in every move your business makes, your data is protected.

Reduce complexity with simple and scalable security solutions that work across legacy and new networks.

Shrink your attack surface and isolate threats before they escalate with innovative micro-segmentation approaches.

Strengthen your market position by seeing around corners and never allowing an attack to become a crisis.

Simply Deployed. Intuitively Designed.

Stealth(core)™ Dashboard Demonstration: Customize your dashboard for real-time visualization and intelligence of your security environment.
Stealth(core)™ UI/UX Demonstration: Designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface Stealth™ provides the foundation for your Zero Trust strategy.

Stealth™ puts your security ahead of would-be attackers

Achieve Zero Trust

Innovation in Action

Dynamic Isolation

Defend your network against any threat by containing the spread of malware and preventing data exfiltration.


Securing IoT Devices

Protect connected devices and isolate critical assets with Stealth™ Smart Wire.


Secure DevOps

Effective DevOps security requires that security considerations be put in place across teams, departments, tools, clouds, containers, and every other aspect of the DevOps pipeline.



Deploy Zero Trust Container and Kubernetes Security

Deploy Zero Trust Container and Kubernetes Security

Unisys Stealth® for containers and Kubernetes incorporates our latest software-defined encrypted micro-segmentation (SDEM) technology to deliver on all Zero Trust attributes—persistent, ubiquitous, and elastic protection in demanding container environments​.

Secure Your Legacy Systems With Stealth™

Secure Your Legacy Systems With Stealth™

Your business evolution at some point requires upgrading, replacing, or decommissioning legacy endpoints. Micro-segmentation remains a powerful strategy for protecting other critical assets across your enterprise – the value of an investment in Stealth™ is not limited to the short term.

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