Enable Positive Authentication. Reduce Your Exposure.

There is a new victim of id theft


of consumers targeted at least once for id theft

Cost of world cybercrime by 2021

Reduce Risk By Knowing Your Users with Identity Management

Biometric identity management is a proven, high-security approach to network access

Identity-based attacks are rising. Reduce risk and exposure by using unique biometric markers.

Control access to your network without relying on weak passwords and personnel decisions.

Biometric identity security exceeds the current standard of network security and eliminates the risks of today's evolving workforce.

Strengthen Your Network with Biometrics

Your Stealth(identity)™

Establish access as unique as the user

Security Without Borders

Who Are You?
Learn how trusted identities, a vital aspect of any Zero Trust model, can be achieved with a biometric-based identity management system.



Increase compliance agility with one of the most advanced, simplified, and streamlined cybersecurity platforms in the industry.



Executive Brief
Is Your VDI Cybersecure?

Is Your VDI Cybersecure?

You cannot control or secure everywhere your data must go in today’s world. You cannot secure every BYOD device that attempts to access your network.

Deploy Zero Trust Container and Kubernetes Security

Deploy Zero Trust Container and Kubernetes Security

Unisys Stealth® for containers and Kubernetes incorporates our latest software-defined encrypted micro-segmentation (SDEM) technology to deliver on all Zero Trust attributes—persistent, ubiquitous, and elastic protection in demanding container environments​.

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The future of security with biometric authentication.