Application Modernization


The pursuit of application modernization makes systems and applications vulnerable to evolving threats and attacks.

Here's the Challenge

Businesses actively modernizing legacy security tools and applications.

Operating system requirements

Lengthy development cycles

Vulnerable to evolving threats

According to a 2018 Forrester survey, 43 percent of respondents indicate that security is a challenge hindering container adoption.

Security is a primary concern form many CIOs and CISOs in the quest for IT modernization. As containerized microservices are vulnerable to evolving attacks and threats, companies must understand their unique nature and provide consistent security policies to support the application modernization journey and address the threats containerized microservices introduce to an enterprise.

Our Solution

With Stealth™, businesses experience the benefits to application modernization that agility, availability, and scalability brings. Along with an assurance that they are secure, Stealth™ provides a consistent security toolset for legacy and microservice environments reduces the expertise required for container security deployment.

Limit Communication Paths

Layers between containers

Conceal legacy systems

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