of organizations struggle to design, implement and maintain a sustainable compliance program

is the average compliance cost for organizations across all industries worldwide

was saved by businesses through regular compliance audits

1) Source: Verizon 2020    2) Source: Compliance cost    3) Source: Verizon DBIR 2020

Simplify your compliance

Streamline your audits

Achieve speed to compliance

Meet the demands of compliance, while streamlining your security environment

Here's the Challenge

The list of compliance frameworks is long and varies by industry. Most regulations are broadly written to focus on an ideal end-state, not the journey to get there. In most instances they are not prescriptive; they do not dictate the technologies, procedures, or policies that must be in place to meet their requirements.

Difficult Compliance

Requirements Cumbersome

Systems Significant Costs

Technologies that meet compliance requirements today may fall short tomorrow.

Stealth™ evolves to address future challenges. It limits the scope of audits by reducing the number of endpoints that can reach data. Because data is isolated in highly secure, cloistered enclaves, Stealth™ allows auditors to focus on just the users, applications, and devices that have access to sensitive data. Stealth™ activity logs give auditors a clear path to follow while confirming network protection guidelines in certain frameworks.

Our Solution

Stealth™ delivers identity-based microsegmentation by creating cryptographic communities of interest (COIs) that limit access to just the other users, applications, and data also assigned to the COI. Stealth™ COI's are dark to unauthorized uses and data cannot be exfiltrated. Stealth™ uses hyper-secure IPsec tunnels leveraging robust, military grade encryption to strongly protect data from end to end.

Cryptographic Communities of Interest

Hypersecure IPSec Tunnels

Prevents Data Exfiltration

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