Secure COVID testing with
U-Pass™: Bring your people back



Security Team Cost Increases due to covid-19¹


organizations bracing for higher levels of risk²



Biometric-based, irrefutable identities are vital for testing and entry policies

Touchless, turnkey, flexible vendor-neutral solutions are future-proof

Control access to your facilities to those who have been tested

Complete integration with your existing access control infrastructure

Here's the Challenge

You need to bring workers back to your business, or students back to your school. But you need to ensure that you are protecting the health of everyone. With reliable, integrated, secure, fast, affordable testing from Unisys partners, you can do this. Today.

Scalable testing

Fast results

Integration with access control systems

Proven end-to-end security solutions secure remote workers using untrusted devices and networks.

What if you could implement biometric-based identity management, regular testing, thermal scans at your points of entry, and an access control system that ensures that only tested individuals can enter your facility?

What if you could verify the validity of COVID tests, and remove the risk of faked, black-market tests that are making headlines today?

Our Solution

U-Pass™ by Unisys: Bring your students back to the classroom. Bring your employees back to the workplace. Keep your people safe.

Quick Implementation

Massively Scalable

Secured by Unisys Stealth

How businesses and schools can re-open in times of COVID

Video Demonstration of our U-Pass™ solution

Webinar: Back to Work Considerations in a Pandemic

What if you could ensure a repeatable testing process to aid in the return to work for your employees? You could maximize operations in the workplace while enabling your employees to feel comfortable knowing their office is protected against the threat of COVID-19. Inspire Health Alliance, in collaboration with Unisys Corporation, is bringing near real-time COVID-19 testing, biometric authentication, and secure systems integration to wherever your people are on the move.

To view this webinar discussion on navigating the difficult “back to work” decisions that businesses are making to carefully return their people to the workplace, please fill out the form.

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