Secure COVID testing: Bring your people back


Security Team Cost Increases due to covid-19¹


organizations bracing for higher levels of risk²



COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for IT departments worldwide.

Here's the Challenge

You need to bring workers back to your business, or students back to your school. But you need to ensure that you are protecting the health of everyone. With reliable, integrated, secure, fast, affordable testing from Unisys partners, you can do this. Today.

Scalable testing

Fast results

Integration with access control systems

Proven end-to-end security solutions secure remote workers using untrusted devices and networks.

Replace vulnerable VPNs with Zero Trust security now. Unisys Always-On Access™ powered by Stealth™ guarantees that employees, partners, and the entire supply chain only have access to the data and applications they need -- not the entire network. You can rigorously control access, so your organization is protected against bad actors maneuvering to exploit the work-from-home crisis.

Our Solution

Unisys Always-On Access™ powered by Stealth™ speeds up time to security while retaining your entire existing infrastructure.

Quick Implementation

Massively Scalable

Secured by Unisys Stealth

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