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Stealth™ overlays onto every corner of your network with one holistic, hyper-secure platform, giving you control and complete oversight. Keep your most valuable data protected from intruders.

Here's the Challenge

Traditional perimeter security is ineffective for today's cloud and mobile computing requirements. Attackers are free to roam undetected and undeterred.

Porous Perimeter

High Dwell Times

Increased Exfiltration

Stealth™ is seamlessly woven into the fabric of your entire network.

Stealth revolutionizes data center security: Simplify network complexity by eliminating or reducing unnecessary data center firewalls, VLANs, and subnets. Reduce data center attack surfaces and interconnection vulnerabilities while expanding network reach and access. Accelerate adoption of a Zero Trust methodology.

Our Solution

Stealth™ simplifies and improves network security and is critical in achieving your Zero Trust security strategy - without needing to replace your existing infrastructure.

Increased Control

Reduced Attack Surface

Cost effective

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