Dynamic Isolation


to identify a data breach

to contain a breach

is the average total cost of a breach

Source: Ponemon

Control intrusion and prevent damage

Isolate suspicious activity in seconds

Prevent data exfiltration

Arm your organization with both prevention and active response to keep your business resilient

Here's the Challenge

Powerful exploitation tools and advanced persistent threat campaigns can go undetected for months and take even longer to be mitigated completely.

Lengthy Detection

Time-Consuming Containment & Remediation

Lateral Movements

Prioritize and quickly respond to detected threats.

The time to identify and contain a breach is often measured in months, not days. With standard security tools and approaches, organizations have a difficult time responding quickly to detected threats. Once a single host is compromised, it's easy for a threat to move within the network, gathering details about valuable assets that can then be used to compromise them. Stealth™ manages trust in your environment - responding appropriately when security thresholds are violated for a flexible Zero Trust solution.

Our Solution

Stealth™ monitors and enforces security policies on your entire network. It is seamlessly woven into the fabric of your infrastructure. Stealth is the engine that drives your Zero Trust security strategy. Stealth™ rapidly isolates anomalous or potentially compromised systems, providing your organization time to investigate and remediate the situation without further compromise of your users, data, or systems.

Rapid isolation

Holistic, Consistent, and Unwavering

Centrally Managed

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