Secure Legacy Systems


All organizations are facing a major challenge: how to secure legacy systems, networks, hardware, and software that are vulnerable to attack, yet still operationally critical.

Here's the Challenge

The interconnectivity of a modern business' technology - partners, vendors, suppliers - means systems must be secure. But many aspects of modern business are based on outdated, unpatchable operating systems, often embedded in hardware. What do you do if you can't upgrade the OS to a secure version, but you reply upon these devices for your business.

Attacker Network Discovery

Uneven User Protections

Piecemeal Infrastructure

Stealth™ security is seamlessly woven into the fabric of your entire network. It is the engine that drives your Zero Trust security strategy.

For many organizations, retiring legacy systems is not an option due to time and resource investment. By implementing the micro-segmentation rules features of Stealth to all endpoints, irrespective of OS, you can ensure that all of your legacy systems are secure.

Our Solution

Stealth employs a micro-segmented privilege model access networks, applications, and data. Stealth deployment is highly automated and centrally managed. As your security policies evolve, changes can be made once and instantly propagate across the enterprise.

Expand network reach

Accelerate Zero Trust

Military Grade Encryption

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