Securing DevOps


Effective DevOps security requires that security considerations be put in place across teams, departments, tools, clouds, containers, and every other aspect of the DevOps pipeline.

Here's the Challenge

Gaps in security leave businesses open to adversaries who aim to steal data, disrupt operations, and gain control of the IT infrastructure.

Dangerous Gaps

Vulnerable Pipeline

Increasing Project Need

By shrinking the attack surface, Stealth™ reduces the risk of a compromise during DevOps efforts.

Stealth enables identity-based security of east-to-west traffic, plus container cloaking. Stealth offers end--to-end authentication, authorization, and encryption for continuous container security. Stealth also automates network asset discovery, traffic modelling, traffic mapping, policy configuration, and policy deployment for container visibility. These capabilities help prioritize security needs, identify and block unwanted communications, and vet, validate, and control all users and devices.

Our Solution

Stealth™ is built on Zero Trust principles. It protects against threats via micro-segmentation, and contains them with dynamic isolation, stopping attacks from spreading and keeping data hidden from unauthorized users.

Restrict Connectivity & Access

Tamper Proof Containers

Secure Environment Quickly & Easily

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