Delivering Zero Trust with Dynamic Isolation eBook

Delivering Zero Trust with Dynamic Isolation

Dell Technologies World 2020

Dynamic Isolation Pounces on Cybersecurity Threats

Unisys Dynamic Isolation™ mediates every connection between endpoints through pre-authentication, pre-authorization and encryption to further reduce the attack surface. But it does not impact the normal operations of an endpoint unless it’s called into action.

In isolating other devices and services from the compromised endpoint, Unisys Dynamic Isolation™ creates secure enclaves. With Unisys Dynamic Isolation™, some processes can continue in those secure enclaves, without concern that the risk will propagate to other parts of the enterprise. That’s a far more effective way to contain threats and keep business moving than device bricking, which completely takes systems offline.

While Unisys Dynamic Isolation™ works automatically, it also provides the option of manual control. So, you can personally receive and assess recommendations in your preferred security management console to approve and initiate immediate isolation.

This solution controls, reduces or removes access paths between workloads, effectively reducing the attack surface. It’s a dynamic response based on user, workload, threat level, business context and security posture. And it leverages clients’ solutions for detection, prevention and network traffic analysis – enabling those enterprises to maximize the returns on investment of their existing security solutions.

With Unisys Dynamic Isolation™, enterprises like yours can respond quickly and automatically with custom security policies. That way, you decrease the mean time to respond to threats. You will reduce the surface and velocity of attacks. And you avoid wasting precious time reconfiguring the network and getting physical access to the device.

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