The Attack Surface is Expanding.

Connectedness creates more complexity.

Your team is understaffed and scrambling.

Your clients' and your company's data are at risk.

DevOps is on the front line.

There Aren't Many Who Are Doing Security Well

Cyber Attacks a Day Since COVID-19 Pandemic¹

Reported Breaches exposing 15.1 billion records²


Security leaders who say they are adequately prepared³

For Some, There is Hope

A Leading U.S. COVID-19 Testing and Tracing Program
needs to ensure that identities are both verified and cloaked from point of testing through contact tracing. Working with Unisys, this healthcare provider is putting a rapid, cost-effectve testing solution in the hands of schools, manufacturers, public transit hubs and corporate employers to get people back to work quickly and safely.


A Leading U.S. COVID-19 Testing and Tracing Program

A Major Public Utility Services Provider

deals with more than 100 million transactions every day. They need to sift through all that network noise to identify threats before they infiltrate critical customer and systems data. Working with Unisys, they have decreased the number of daily threats from more than 200 defined attacks to one or two per day.

A Major Public Utility Services Provider

A Top 10 European Bank

is growing fast through a rapid acquisition strategy, but with that consolidation comes new channels for risk. Working with Unisys, they have been able to successfully lay a security foundation that can quickly integrate new users and systems. The result? Faster, safer expansion to broaden their footprint and add new services.

A Top 10 European Bank

What's the Answer? Control

Your security solution shouldn't be buzzwords like "prevention", "safety", or "defend".

You Can't Prevent an Attack.

You Can Control the Chaos.

With Stealth™, your network security will be identity centric with a foundation in zero trust.

Be Resilient

Stay up and running when an incident happens.

Streamline your infrastructure

Get your network in order.

Refocus Your Workforce

Alleviate demands on your resources.

Ransomware Protection with Stealth™

APTs and Ransomware are bringing organizations to a halt. Learn how they work, and how Unisys Stealth® can protect your enterprise.

The Anatomy of a Threat

What does it look like?

Without Stealth™

73 Days


With Stealth™

10 Seconds



Legacy Security

Focus on yesterday, not tomorrow. Antiquated systems protect your data from what has already happened – not what could happen.


The enemy may already be inside your network. Compromised identities and data because of unguarded networks focused.


 Missed intrusions leads to stolen data and business downtime.

Stealth Security

Stops unauthorized access and hides valued networks.
Future-proofs your security against the unexpected and unanticipated attacks of tomorrow.

Simple, seamless integration that scales to your evolving network infrastructure and growing attack surface.

Neutralize the threat of unauthorized access and data exfiltration. Every packet, every identity, every permission is unique.

Maintain business continuity and safeguard customers' trust.

Trust and honesty go hand in hand.

Stealth Network Solutions

Unisys gave us massive acceleration to put in place the right strategies, equipment, and people who effectively ensured that we securely delivered the Games with confidence.

Patrick Kidd

CEO, Invictus Games Sydney 2018

Drive innovation through security.

Stealth network solutions

Unisys' innovative solutions have evolved with us to ensure that we continually enhance our digital banking portfolio to improve the lives of our customers.

Jorge Ospina

Chief Information Officer, Bancolombia

Ready to go Stealth™?

Always on. Stealth™ Redefines The Kill Chain.

Explore how Stealth™ protects your company's most sensitive information and gives you confidence when you need it most.


Deploy Zero Trust Container and Kubernetes Security

Deploy Zero Trust Container and Kubernetes Security

Unisys Stealth® for containers and Kubernetes incorporates our latest software-defined encrypted micro-segmentation (SDEM) technology to deliver on all Zero Trust attributes—persistent, ubiquitous, and elastic protection in demanding container environments​.

Secure Your Legacy Systems With Stealth™

Secure Your Legacy Systems With Stealth™

Your business evolution at some point requires upgrading, replacing, or decommissioning legacy endpoints. Micro-segmentation remains a powerful strategy for protecting other critical assets across your enterprise – the value of an investment in Stealth™ is not limited to the short term.

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