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Transform to Zero Trust Networks

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Zero Trust Networks Built on Identity-Based, Encrypted Microsegmentation

As organizations scale their digital capabilities with cloud, mobile and IoT to improve customer experiences and operational efficiencies, security perimeters become more difficult to define and defend. Traditional security controls are insufficient to protect from cyberattacks in the digital age, compelling organizations to adopt a Zero Trust Network. The principles are simple – trust no user or device, inside or outside the private network and grant as little access as possible upon reliable identification.

Unisys Stealth® is a software suite trusted by government and commercial organizations that transforms your existing network—both on-premises and in the cloud—into a Zero Trust Network through identity-based microsegmentation. Stealth network overlay technology requires no changes to your existing network or applications.

Gain Total Visibility

Stealth™ enables unprecedented network visibility inside and across network zones through live traffic discovery. Built-in contextual intelligence uses a combination of rules-based and machine learning techniques to classify and cluster assets into simple network maps. Better network insight allows you to see assets and data flows to prioritize security needs as well as vet, validate and control all users and devices to identify and block unwanted communication.

Control Risk and Manage Trust

Stealth™ reduces risk by creating dynamic, identity-based microsegments called communities of interest (COI). Stealth™ treats all network traffic as untrusted and permits communication only when COI membership is confirmed. By establishing secure COI, Stealth™ separates trusted systems, users and data from the untrusted. All communications between COI members and Stealth™-protected assets are encrypted and endpoints are concealed from non-members.

Enable Dynamic Isolation

Through interoperability with your existing security information and event management (SIEM) systems and user-friendly application programming interface (API) integrations, security operations can now take immediate action to respond to security incidents, stopping attacks in progress. Stealth™ dynamically isolates devices and users at the first sign of compromise.

Stay Flexible and Efficient

You can deploy Stealth™ incrementally and scale it efficiently using rich APIs and advanced automation. Stealth™ provides API and robust scripting support for unattended automated installation. It is also easy to use and manage, reducing the complexity, expense and operations associated with firewall, VLAN and VPN static security controls.

Stealth Software Suite Offerings:

    • Stealth(aware) enables total network visibility though live discovery, simplified network maps, intelligent classification, intuitive security policy creation and on the-fly policy updates.
    • Stealth(core) reduces the attack surface with identity-based microsegmentation, encryption of data in motion and cloaking to protect network assets without network or application changes.
    • Stealth(cloud)extends Stealth security to private, public and hybridcloud environments
    • Stealth(mobile) protects data center assets from threats introduced by mobile devices while providing mobile users appropriate access to Stealth™-secured datacenter.
    • Stealth(identity) prevents fraud with biometric enrollment, identity verification and risk-based, multi-factor authentication.
    • Stealth services help you get the most out of your Stealth™ deployment, from proof of concept to expert security management, with a full range of installation, integration and managed services.

WHY UNISYS®? In our digital world, critical applications and systems deliver vital access to energy, transportation, financial services and healthcare as well as strong national security and defense. Industry-leading organizations trust Unisys® to maximize security posture across IT, OT and production environments. Unisys Security Solutions combine expert consulting, advanced technologies and managed services that span the entire security lifecycle.

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