Security in the Cloud


Organizations Mistakenly Exposed Cloud Services¹


not managing host vulnerabilities²

breach-related penalties³

1)   2)   3) Source for all statistics


A breach-proof enterprise is impossible. Cybersecurity must become "the art of the possible."

Here's the Challenge

Unfortunately, no one can escape today's security landscape unscathed.

Slow Response to Attack Times

VPNS expose more than users need

Accidental breaches with cloud assets

Cybersecurity Can be messy and expensive

Be confident in your network security without compromising the end-user experience.

The Stealth™ multi-faceted solution supports a phased approach to tackle your toughest problems first, prioritizing the processes that are most critical to your business.

Our Solution

Fast, cost-effective deployment that controls remote access, cloaks fundamental core business systems and limits disruptions to critical operations.

At Unisys®, our reliance on the Stealth™ product family enabled us to move nearly 20,000 workers to a remote work environment in less than a week when COVID-19 hit. What can we do for you?

Protect Core Systems

Be Confident in the cloud

Control VPN Access

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